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Who is Benedict Cumberbatch’s fiancee, Sophie Hunter?

by Charlee
Sophie Hunter

In keeping with tradition, Benedict Cumberbatch published the news of his engagement to Sophie Hunter via a classified ad in today’s Times.

Before making his modest announcement this morning, the actor had not even admitted that he was dating the British actress and director.

Few people will be familiar with Sophie Hunter, in contrast to Benedict Cumberbatch. The 36-year-old is most known in the theatre community as a director, while having a few performing credits to her name.

They first connected in 2009 while working on the movie Burlesque Fairytales, and needless to say, they remained in touch.

The sister of Cumberbatch has previously stated that her brother would require a “pretty smart cookie” as a girlfriend in order to keep up with him. I believe that may be the cause of his difficulties with women. Prior to dating Anna Jones, he dated Olivia Poulet for 12 years, however their relationship ended in 2012. Hunter was the first to be able to persuade him to make a proposal.

From what we already know about his fiancée, it’s simple to understand the appeal. She turns out to be quite the catch.

She is an accomplished director.
She won the Samuel Beckett award for writing and directing The Terrific Electric in 2007 at the Barbican. She then staged productions of Britten’s opera The Rape of Lucretia, Mozart’s The Magic Flute, Ibsen’s Ghosts, and an experimental play based on Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton’s dangerous expedition, 69° South, that toured North America.

She essentially is the CEO of four theatre companies.
As creative director of the Boiler Room, associate director at the Broadhurst Theatre, and co-founder of the Lacuna Theatre Company, Hunter also acts as collaborating director and dramaturge on marionette and puppetry productions with the Phantom Limb company.

And she has done a lot of acting.
Hunter co-starred with Reese Witherspoon in the 2003 movie Vanity Fair, and she has also been on a number of television shows and stage productions, including Rupert Goold’s 2008 Macbeth, which starred Patrick Stewart.

She is an accomplished pianist and rider…
Hunter has a spotlight profile that displays her athletic abilities, including horse-jumping, horse-riding, running, sailing, swimming, tennis, and yoga.

She is bicultural.
Before completing a semester at the famed Jacques Lecoq school of drama in Paris, Hunter studied French and Italian at Oxford University.She has recorded with Guy Chambers and can sing.
On the 2003 album The Isis Project, which she co-wrote and collaborated on with the renowned producer and songwriter, Hunter sings in French. They were introduced via a mutual friend, and Chambers claimed that he “knew from the moment she walked into the studio that she was the right person with the right attitude and enthusiasm and who also exuded the natural charm and cool of Keren-Ann’s lyrics”.

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